Doğum Adı: Dimitri Tsiapkinis

Kısa Biyografi

Graduate of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (1994, USA) the Centre National de la Danse in Paris (1999) and the Fernando Pessoa University (2015, Portugal). Has danced, with various companies in Germany, France, and Greece. As an independent choreographer, he choreographed Ex-Gudrun (1992), Fish in the Bottle (1994), Regards-Periples (1996), Le Jardin Regarde (1997). Since 1996, he has been experimenting with somatic practices and mainly fascia perceptive education (Danis Bois). He has collaborated with French choreographer Bernardo Montet as a performer in three national institutions: CCNRB, Quartz, and CCNT (1995-2011) and thereafter with the Mawguerite Association in Morlaix. At the meantime, he co-founded the xsoma dance collective in Greece and directed 0,1 (2002), Apnea (2005) and numerous improvisation performances. Since 2017, he collaborates with the Lasko company director Isabelle Elizéon on hybrid multidisciplinary performances. In 1998 he dances/acts in the film Beau Travail, by Claire Denis. In 2007 he obtains a Diploma in Art, Movement and Therapy, at the Lisbon Modern University and in 2015 a Masters' degree for his research "Contemporary dance in psychiatry" (UFP, Porto / Portugal. Since 2011, he produces his projects as the artistic director of Omnivion where he directed : Delirium Tremens (2010), 0,2 / Thylax (2011), Golden Age (2012), and many works for the "Newtopia / Dance & Mental health" events (2013-2021) etc. Since 2007 he's an assistant in Tai Chi (Chen style) of the 34th generation Shaolin Master Shi Yan Jun in Tours. Additionally, he taught anatomy and kinesiology for dancers at the National Conservatories of Tours and Brest (2014-2018). His filmography as an actor-dancer evolved since 2010 with two more productions : Narcisse, fragments (2010) and Le Temps de Crocodiles (out in 2019), both by Florence Doucet.

Son Güncelleme Tarihi: 13-12-2022

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