Desmond Dolly


Desmond credits his affinity for all things film to secretly staying up late as a child and taking in a steady diet of HBO and USA's "Up All Night" genre fare. On one night in particular he caught a double bill of An American Werewolf In London and John Carpenter's The Thing. After said experience, he was plagued by nightmares with such ferocity that his parents were left with no choice but to cancel their cable subscription.Months later, after the night terrors had subsided, Dez knew he wanted to learn the secrets to the masterful special effects showcased within these films. Armed with Tom Savini's and Dick Smith's monster make-up how to guides, and a stack of newly acquired Fangoria magazines, Dez set out to construct his own creature creations in a makeshift FX lab he'd fashioned in the corner of his bedroom. As most other budding young filmmakers do, he commandeered his parent's camcorder to videotape the results of his completed effects. Filming his homemade monsters led to Dez's

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