Deon Taylor

Deon is a writer, filmmaker, and director.Taylor continues to run his own thriving film and production company, Hidden Empire Film Group (HEFG) formerly known as Deon Taylor Enterprises (DTE), which he launched in 2000.Taylor has written, co-written and directed dozens of films, TV series and special projects and HEFG produces a diverse array of larger budgeted projects, born of Taylor's boundless energy as a multi-hyphenate writer, director and he has expert financier on board, Robert Smith, who keeps everything checked and balanced. For years, Taylor has been focused on the film genre of horrors/thrillers but when producer Vincent Cirrincione asked Taylor to read the script for the film Supremacy (inspired by actual events), his passion for this project was birthed. He knew he had to find the perfect casting director for what he felt was the perfect script, and he contacted Mary Verneui, who had casted some of his other films. Supremacy had a supreme cast, starring Danny Glover, Dere

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