Dena Tyler

Dena was born in Syracuse, New York. Early on, she showed artistic talent, acting in school productions and winning contests for her drawing and writing. But she was also a science geek, graduating at the top of her class and thought she was destined for a career in medicine. She went on to study Neuroscience at The University of Rochester where she also minored in Dramatic Arts. Deferring medical school, she decided instead to play the lead role in "Sylvia". It was at GEVA Theatre that she worked with Eli Wallach's daughter, who introduced her to The Actors Studio in NYC in 2000. She quickly became close to Arthur Penn and owes most of her success to his guidance. Dena's most memorable roles have been of strong women, playing Anna in Eugene O'Neill's, "Anna Christie", Ulrike Meinhof in Lars Noren's, "Acte", and Kari in Craig Wright's, "The Pavilion" to name a few. She was the go-to girl for the Guest Starring bereaved widow on Law & Order, but lately is almost exclusively seen in come

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