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Dempsey Bryk is an American and Canadian actor, born in the New York, NY. Growing up, Dempsey was a competitive boxer (Champ of the Ontario Bronze Gloves tournament), soccer player, debater, and mathematician. He graduated high school with an IB (International Baccalaureate) and an OSSD diploma, and was on AEO scholarship at the Richard IVEY School Of Business (UWO), when he decided to move to New York City and study acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse Acting Conservatory. Since graduation two years ago, he has played in shows such as Mary Kills People (dir. Holly Dale), Black Mirror (dir. Jodie Foster), Ransom (dir. James Genn), and Heartland (dir. various). Up next he will be playing in the film The Silence, V-Wars, Jett, and the interactive series Timeline. Dempsey is also a writer. He wrote, co-directed, produced, and starred in his play "Oh loves a girl" Off-Broadway in New York, co-wrote the short film Zane that he starred in, and is currently working on packaging a feature film. And perhaps most impressively, being born to actors Greg Bryk and Danielle Bryk, he was featured on family renovation shows such as A Bryk at a Time (2013) and "Bryk House."

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