Demore Barnes


Demore Barnes was a shy student at Sir Oliver Mowat High School in Toronto when some friends cajoled him into hosting the school's Christmas assembly. The performance was a hit, giving Barnes the confidence to try out for Squawk Box, a sketch comedy show on YTV. (Canada's version of Nickelodeon) He was eighteen years old, and it was his first professional audition. He got the job. And the beginning of a career in acting was launched. The show lasted one season, by which time Barnes knew he wanted to pursue acting as a career. He applied to Ryerson University's theatre program, but a successful audition for the CBC kids show," Street Cents", sidetracked his academic aspirations. He spent the next three seasons on the show doing sketch comedy. "Street Cents" allowed him to hone his comedic talents, but he felt the need to expand his range and challenge himself. For a while, that something else was a series roles in television and movies and cable shows, including a turn as the tribal war

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