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Debbie D'Souza was born in Caracas, Venezuela. The Venezuela she grew up in was much like America-prosperous and free, but that has changed dramatically and it is now a socialist country. D'Souza refuses to see America follow Venezuela's path, and that drives her work today. As a warning to Americans, she speaks about how the path that America is taking repeats many of the same policies that destroyed Venezuela. She is an advocate for conservative Latinos and hopes to educate them in the importance of voting for a party that reflects the principles of the majority of Hispanics. She has a unique perspective because of her dual nationalities reflecting both her Mexican-American heritage from her mother's side as well as her Venezuelan roots from her father's.D'Souza has been singing since the tender age of four and her love for music continues to this day. She started singing in her birth country of Venezuela for a weekly-televised variety show called "Las Voces Blancas." During her teen years in the Rio Grande Valley, she continued to sing in school choir, church, weddings, and was the lead singer in a jazz band. Debbie also sang radio jingles for local businesses. D'Souza is a recording artist and former worship leader. Her voice can be heard at the end of the film "Hillary's America" singing "God Bless America." Debbie is married to conservative bestselling author and filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza. Together they have three grown children.

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