David Street

1917 - 1971

Tall, dark and handsome singer David Street seemed to have all the necessary credentials for musical film stardom in the 1940s but his career fell drastically short and today is better remembered, if at all, for his tabloid-exposed private life.He was born Patrick Devlin in Los Angeles, California, on December 13, 1917, and began singing in high school, performing locally in a trio act that led to work on a nearby radio station. He gained experience with several harmony swing groups, including "Six Hits and a Miss," "The Rhythm Rascals" and "The Melo-Aires," before touring as a vocalist with several bands and orchestras led by such established personalities as Bob Crosby ("The Bob O Links") and Freddie Slack.Universal took notice of his musical talents and signed him to a contract where he appeared in minor singing parts. He was loaned out to Republic for Moonlight Masquerade (1942) where he and Anne Jeffreys were part of a singing trio, was glimpsed in both Honeymoon Lodge (1943) and

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