David Steinberg


Comedian David Steinberg, born in 1942, grew up in Winnipeg, Canada. He left home to attend the University of Chicago. The family moved to Chicago when he was a teen. It was there that he saw a performance by the Second City Chicago Troupe and it changed the course of his life. With another student at the university, he started a comedy act called Kadish and Steinberg. After members of Second City saw them, he was invited to join the company and was with them for four years. In the late 60's he moved on to Broadway with leading roles in "Little Murders" and "Carry Me Back to Morningside Heights", the latter directed by Sidney Poitier. From there he moved to stand up comedy opening at the Bitter End in 1969. He received a rave review from the New York times, calling him a cross between Lenny Bruce and Woody Allen. After his first appearance on the The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (1962), he became one of Johnny Carson's most popular guests and guest hosts, with 140 appearances, s

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