David Crockett

Crockett was raised outside of Chicago, Illinois. After graduating with high honors from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, he began working for a commercial production company in Chicago before landing a job in the production accounting department on the Michael Apted film Blink (1994). Immediately after, he moved to Los Angeles and worked on a succession of films for New Line Cinema and Miramax.He joined the DGA in 2000 and co-produced his first film (The Guru, 2002) the next year.Crockett met Ben Affleck in 2006 and executive produced his directorial debut Gone Baby Gone. Immediately following that film, he went to Shreveport, Louisiana to work with another actor/director Denzel Washington on his film The Great Debaters.In 2009, he returned to Boston to re-team with Ben Affleck on next film, The Town which was his first film to be nominated for a Producer's Guild Award. While in production on that film, he met Graham King who offered him a position at King's GK Films as Exe

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