David Astone

David Armando Astone was born on March 27 in Perth, Western Australia. His father is Italian and Brazilian and his mother has Italian ancestry. He was raised between Australia and Sicily, Italy and speaks fluent Italian. When David was 5 years old his parents settled permanently in Perth, Australia.Young David was not a model student and was known to be the class clown, performing for cheers and laughter from his classmates, which many times got him into trouble with teachers and his academics. However, the cheers he received in the classroom would serve as the beginning of his interest in becoming an actor and performer.David discovered that he had a love of athletics and began his athletic career by first becoming a soccer player, playing in various teams such as Perth Italia. Upon entering high school he became interested in martial arts and studied various forms, obtaining his junior black belt in the Japanese Karate form Black Panther.David excelled in martial arts and incorporate

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