Darin Ferraro

Hello everyone, his name is Darin Patrick Ferraro. His name use to be Darin Patrick Moressi but changed when his mother and father divorced. His mother, His brother and Darin decided to change it back to his mothers parent's original last name. Which is Ferraro. His name is Darin Ferraro. Darin was born in Tampa Florida. At the age of 8 years old His mother put Darin in his very first theater play role. He loved theater and acting ever since. He later went on to do over 7,500 Commercials and over 400 Films and Corporate Films. He does all work from Movies to commercials to infomercials to corporate films to Hosting to Costume Characters for well-known charity Organizations. Darin loves acting. Acting is his life.Now you will see that Darin just does not acted, He also Sings, Dances, Performs and Hosts but Acting is something that he does a ton of. Darin comes from a wonderful Latin family. Half of Darin's family is Italian/Sicilian and his other half of his family is Cuban. He does spe

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