Daniel Percival

Daniel Percival is a BAFTA award winning independent writer/director of film and television. Having originally trained a a film editor Percival started directing documentaries for the BBC in the mid 1990's. In 2001 Percival wrote and directed the groundbreaking docu-drama Smallpox 2002, a feature length fictional documentary tracing the events of a bio terrorist attack in New York. The film garnered international acclaim and caused much controversy, owning the uncompromising subject matter and unique film making techniques it employed. Percival followed this film with his first television movie, Dirty War, for HBO and BBC films. Based on two years of detailed journalistic research, Dirty War tells the fictional story of a Dirty Bomb terror attack in the heart of London. Dirty War awarded Percival with the prestigious BAFTA for best New Drama Director. Since then Percival has written and directed numerous original TV series,including the Golden Globe nominated State Within (with Sharon

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