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( 55 yaşında 1.83 m boyunda )

Doğum Adı: Damon Fox Yeri: Phoenix, Arizona, ABD

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As a boy in Phoenix Arizona, when most kids were playing army men and hide & seek, Damon was writing and directing his own plays on the front yard of his house. He would recruit the local children in the neighborhood to perform in them, while all the adults in the area would line the sidewalks to watch.Then at age twelve, Damon arranged for special assemblies in the school auditorium where he would put on one-man shows. Playing the drums, doing stand-up comedy and performing original monologues, all to the delight of the excited and completely baffled jr. high school kids.In high school itself, Damon not only had the lead role in many of the theater productions, but he would regularly direct the acting class himself in all new original plays which he was constantly writing.However that was all just the beginning because during his senior year there, Damon completely recreated an entire KISS concert in the high school auditorium. Complete with flash bombs, fog machines, lighted staircases and laser beams, the huge production actually blew out the entire electrical system of the school! Damon also filmed that complete performance using a 3 camera setup and made deals with set builders, instrument shops and limousine companies to put their names on the movie in exchange for their services. All of this was done 2 years before any area high school had ever offered a multimedia class.During the Halloween season, Damon would play Freddy Krueger at the massive haunted house that was built every year at one of the major malls. One night after impressing the boss by scaring Alice Cooper, Damon was promoted to director of the entire show where he turned it into one of the scariest haunted houses in Phoenix history. Radio stations would actually broadcast their entire shows live from outside of it in order to capitalize on its immense popularity.After high school, Damon then moved to Los Angeles where he formed a rock group and became the lead singer, songwriter and record producer for the heavy metal band Stormtrooper. A mint condition LP of theirs now commands hundreds of dollars apiece by music collectors all over the internet. In November of 2004, their 1985 album "Armies of the Night" was recently reissued on CD with 13 bonus tracks and a 16 page full color booklet. It is now one of the highest selling import CDs in the country.After the massive European success that ensued for Stormtrooper, Damon then turned his attention to the horror film genre where he not only built the largest horror-exclusive retail merchandising company in the world called "The Catalog of Carnage" but also formed Foxx Entertainment Enterprises Inc. This new production company would become the first ever to take reality film to huge worldwide audiences with their infamous and internationally acclaimed video series "Traces of Death".Though a small handful of other reality films were released prior to "Traces", none of them caused the extreme worldwide sensation that "Traces of Death" did. In fact, upon its initial release in 1994, Video Retail Industry Magazine proclaimed it to be the most highly rented independent title on the home video market.

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