Dallas Campbell


Dallas Campbell is a well known British television presenter, whose work includes BBC One's Supersized Earth, Bang Goes The Theory, ( BBC America 2013) Egypt's Lost Cities, BBC Four's Horizon Guides, The Drake Equation: The Search for Life. Before joining the BBC he presented Channel Five's technology program The Gadget Show, and Dallas Campbell's Guide To The Impossible/Dallas in Wonderland, a comedy science series which he co-produced with R.J. Cutler for Discovery Science in the U.S. Before he moved into factual presenting, he worked as an actor on some of the UK's most popular television shows, including Casualty, Doomwatch, A Touch Of Frost, and Moll Flanders. In the theatre he often worked with legendary director (the late) Ken Campbell on a variety of projects, notably the The Warp, the world's longest play, running at 29 hours.He wrote and directed the short film 'No Deposit No Return'.He is married to Victoria Goodall, sister of actress Caroline Goodall

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