Crystal Shaw Martell

Crystal Shaw Martell will be releasing her newly mastered CD entitled, " Thank Ya' Baby!". This popular collection includes love songs written to the child from the parents' perspective. Ms. Shaw-Martell received a contract with Mercury Label to release her first CD years ago, but chose to raise her beautiful family and share the music in other ways. Next week, she has chosen to release her CD independently through CD Baby, and several other professional sites. Crystal has been writing, recording and performing these songs for the past couple of years to delighted crowds, largely consisting of happy kids. The music genre includes:Pop Rock, Pop Hip Hop, a Waltz, Ballads and Lullabies, Folk songs, and Disney-esque stories. The first song in this collection which Ms. Shaw Martell composed, was a dedication for her newly adopted son, many years ago. From then on, interest from films, labels, studious, children's programs, and such, took over, and helped encourage this actor to branch out m

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