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Craig J. Nevius is a Chicago-born writer and producer with twenty-one independent films to his credit. In addition to adapting Marvel Comics' _Fantastic Four, The (1994/II)_ for the big screen, Mr. Nevius has also adapted his two Black Scorpion features for the small screen. Mr. Nevius' family credits include the Disney Channel's Stepmonster (1993) starring Alan Thicke and A Very Unlucky Leprechaun (1998) starring 'Tim Matheson'. Previously his screenplay Happy Together (1989) won the Columbia Pictures Focus Award. Titles such as Baby Face Nelson (1996) and _Aladdin & The Adventure Of All Time (1999) (V)_ have demonstrated Mr. Nevius' versatility in every genre from erotic thriller to gangster drama to animated musical based on a child's book of poetry. In addition to writing for Hollywood, Mr. Nevius is also a playwright who attended the prestigious Carnegie-Mellon University. Three of his plays have been produced by the Group Theatre: Where The Heart Is, The Men's Room and Class Dismissed.

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