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Cory grew up in Davison Michigan, a small town just outside of Flint. From a very early age he took to Martial Arts, all though exploring and excelling in other sports such as; football, wrestling and track, Martial Arts remained a priority. By age 18 Cory was a 5x World Champion in the Art of Tang Soo Do and had achieved the Rank of 3rd Degree Black Belt. At this time he decided to relocate to California and pursue driving and building Sport Compact race cars. After a short stint in the Red Line Time Attack Series and assisting with the builds of several magazine cars, Cory found his way back to Martial Arts. While teaching at a studio in Mission Viejo, Ca he was introduced to Parkour & Freerunning. Accepting the new challenge, with the goal of making it to a High Level in Parkour & Freerunning, he was invited within his first year of training to compete in the Red Bull Art of Motion, Boston. Since then Cory has placed Top 10 in several Freerunning events, with his best finishes being: 5th at Red Bull Art of Motion Switzerland, 1st place Qualifier at Red Bull Art of Motion Santorini Greece & 2nd Place Team Freestyle with Teammate and fellow Stunt Woman Luci Romberg at the North American Parkour Championships in Vancouver, Canada. Cory is also a member of Tempest Freerunning, a pioneering team in the sport, where he has met and trained under fellow stunt mentors: Rich King, Gabe Nunez, Victor Lopez, Paul Darnell and Luci Romberg.Over the past years his diverse background and training has led to many amazing opportunities in television and film. Starting with small Freerunning gags in commercials, later leading to stunts for television series and films that exercise his wide range of skills.

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