Colin Foo

Foo, who plays two roles of different gender in Mina Shum's bittersweet comedy, Long Life, Happiness & Prosperity (2002), was born and raised in Asia to a family that owned hotels and restaurants in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. He left home to study at the prestigious Royal College of Art & Design in London and went on to achieve a second Master's Degree in Graphic Design at St. Martin's. He abandoned his dynamic and promising Ad Agency career there to come to Canada in 1975 when his parents retired and the whole family immigrated. A top-ranked Realtor for over 18 years, Foo retired in January 2002 to pursue acting; a career that came about by accident when he drove a friend to an audition for a Yellow Pages commercial, a role for which he is still recognized. That was seven years ago. Today, Foo has an impressive, lengthy, and expanding resume, with credits that range from the series lead in the Comedy Network show The Unprofessionals (2001), to principal roles in the featur

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