Colin Cunningham


In 2011, Cunningham will debut his biggest project to date, starring alongside Noah Wyle, and Moon Bloodgood in the Steven Spielberg / Dreamworks produced series "Falling Skies," for TNT. Cunningham is a scene stealer, as "John Pope," the rogue survivor of the alien attack that has hit the world.In addition to "Falling Skies," Cunningham can be seen recurring on the CBS series "Flashpoint." He also recently landed a role on the TNT pilot "Perception" alongside Rachael Leigh Cook and Eric McCormack, which he filmed in 2010. Cunningham has been a series lead on the shows "The Collector" [Chum TV], on the critically acclaimed series "Da Vinci's Inquest" [CBC], and is currently co starring in the comedy "Living in Your Car" for HBO Canada. On film, Cunningham has been pursed by Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Sixth Day [Columbia Pictures], and put his life on the line for Jennifer Garner in Elektra [20th Century Fox]. He has also appeared in multiple indie favorites, including comedic turns i

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