Cloud Mykals

On September 20 2010 Cloud Mykals packed one bag, his old army rucksack and bought a one-way plane ticket to San Jose California. With only one hundred dollars in his pocket Cloud Mykals Began his acting career. After 9 years of Military and High threat Security service, resulting in years of mental turmoil caused by the effects of PTSD, Cloud has begun a new journey. His journey into the entertainment industry.His very first job as an actor was in a short film called, "Moving out and Moving On." How appropriate is that title? Seems to have fit exactly what Cloud had done with his own life.Cloud's first feature film was landing a supporting role in a (Sean Flanagan) film called, Consequences of Violence (2012). Ever since then, Cloud Mykals has been on the rise. After his move to LA in 2013 Cloud has trained under people such as Allen Miller at the Actors Studio and under Barbara Bain.In the last three years Cloud, has had the privilege of working with some of the industries top people

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