Clifton Davis


Clifton Davis was born on October 4, 1945, in Chicago. His career spans forty years. He is a minister and songwriter as well as an actor. He performed as a student at Pine Forge Academy in Pennsylvania (from which he graduated in 1963) as a singer and as an orator, and those performances accustomed him to appearing in front of an audience. He and a classmate composed the class song.At the age of twenty-one, while working as a video engineer at ABC Television, Davis saw his first-ever Broadway show--"Apple Tree," which starred Alan Alda. Davis was astounded by its humor and realism and says that is when he knew he wanted to be a performer. Within a few months he had quit his full-time job and auditioned for and won a part in the Broadway production of "Hello Dolly." He won a Tony nomination for his role in the Broadway show "Two Gentleman of Verona." Renee Valente saw his performance in that show, and two years later cast Davis as the star of the show "That's My Mama," launching his tel

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