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Actress graduated from the CUT, where she had Teachers like Ludwing Margules and José Caballero, she took theater workshops on philosophy and letters with professors like Raúl Quintanilla, Abraham Oceransky, among others.She has taken Cinema Acting classes with Tony Doupé, Joni Rothfield, and Jane Winslow in the USA and with Caro Rivas, Nacho Ortiz, and Luis Mandoki in Mexico.In Cinema, she has had important participations in projects such as "El Otro Crimen" directed by Carlos G. Morantes, together with the first Actress Maria Rojo; "Mil Nubes De Paz", where she was awarded with an Ariel in 2004, "Doble Muerte" where she performed the Leading Role; "El Estudiante", "The Pearl" together with Richard Harris and Lukas Hass, among others.On Television, she has participated in the Tv-Series "Hasta Que Te Conocí", "Hasta Que el Dinero Nos Separe", and "Aqui se Respira el Miedo."Soon we will be able to see her performing in the Tv-Series "Barrio Norte" produced by Dynamo Films for Netflix, and "Silencio a 3 Voces" and in Indra Villaseñor's Opera Prima "Adiós Amor".

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