Clara York

Born in Fort Fairfield, Maine to the daughter of a potato farmer, Clara's family moved to California where her father raced racehorses at Santa Anita Racetrack in Arcadia. Her mother worked as an administrator at USC County Hospital. Clara worked as a fit model in the downtown Los Angeles fashion district and as a hand model in Hollywood which both became the subjects of her one woman show years later. Her writing and acting come from her real life experiences of growing up in an unconventional family where the unexpected became the norm. Clara has always had a strong ability to play a wide range of roles from blue collar to royalty, comedy to drama, zany to contrived. Her moniker is Clara/Carla after this dual persona as an actress. Most recently, Clara plays an alcoholic mother to Chloe in the indie short Chloe's Song, directed by Amy Lyndon. She stars as the loopy helicopter mom on the new series Homestruck. Clara plays the wife of Dan played by Eric Wareheim, on Tim And Eric's Bedt

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