Christoph Drobig


Mister Drobig is a German actor, writer, director and producer. He grew up in a very small village with only 7 citizens. As he was 6 years old he got a Pony cause he had no friends in range. Sometimes he was riding to school. This and other circumstances helped him to build up big creativity and fantasy. He made his first short movie at the age of twelve. In Berlin he studied drama acting. He is a fanatic performer and is taken every job, every role and every challenge more than serious. He is specialized on performances in "100 Percent improvisation short movies" and fame for his clips like "B-Watch", "Go top Gun" and "Ueberbreite" which becomes cult. He is famous for his unique kind of stand up comic. It's a mix between erotic reading, stand up and showing gadgets and gimmicks which reminds the people on a Mad Macgyver. As a screenwriter he wrote two scripts and he is working on the Third a motion picture. Mister Drobig and some nerd friends ( were the first guys in

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