Christine Edzard


Christine Edzard was born in Paris in 1945 of German-born father, painter Dietz Edzard and Gdansk-born mother, painter Susanne Eisendieck. After studying for a degree in Economics, she began a career in the theatre as an assistant to Lila de Nobili and Rostislav Doboujinsky. Whilst in Rome, working on Franco Zefferelli's "Romeo and Juliet", she met Richard Goodwin, the producer, to whom she is married. In 1971, having designed several productions for various European Opera and Theatre companies, Christine Edzard wrote the script of "Tales of Beatrix Potter" and designed, with Doboujinsky, both the sets and costumes. This marked the birth of Sands Films. In 1975, Christine Edzard and Richard Goodwin moved into two disused warehouses in Rotherhithe, South London, where they equipped a small film studio and made three short films which Christine Edzard wrote and directed: "The Little Match Girl", "The Kitchen" and "Little Ida". These films were based on stories by Hans Christian Andersen

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