Christina Masterson

Christina Marie Masterson is an American film and television actress. She played Emma Goodall the Pink Power Ranger in the iconic Power Rangers Television series on Nickelodeon "Power Rangers Megaforce"(2013) and "Power Rangers Super Megaforce"(2014). Masterson began her career modeling in Los Angeles. She soon got to work all over Asia starring in many commercials and campaigns for the Asian market but also internationally. Masterson grew up in Southern California as a middle child with two older and two younger siblings.

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Power Rangers Megaforce

Yıl: 2013 | IMDB: 4457068

Ülke: ABD
Aka: Power Rangers Mega Force, Power Rangers Super Megaforce
Tür: Aksiyon, Macera, Kurgu, Bilim Kurgu
Yönetmen: James Barr,Akihiro Noguchi,Charlie Haskell,Jonathan Tzachor,John Laing,Jonathan Brough,Koichi Sakamoto,
Oyuncular: Andrew M. Gray, Ciara Hanna, John Mark Loudermilk, Christina Masterson, Azim Rizk, Geoff Dolan, Estevez Gillespie, Shailesh Prajapati, Ian Harcourt, Jason Hood, Chris Auer, Rebecca Parr, John Leigh, Campbell Cooley, Cameron Jebo,