Chris Kerson

Chris Kerson appears next as a series regular in the season two cast of the acclaimed HBO crime drama television series True Detective. He portrays the mesmerizing character "Nails," a survivor of a brutal nail gun attack and loyal company man, to "Frank Semyon" played by Vince Vaughn.He is most recognized for his starring role in Sean Kirkpatrick's feature film "Cost of a Soul." The independent film opened in 50 theaters nationwide and was the winner of Relativity's Rogue and AMC's "The Big Break Movie Contest."Since 2008, Chris has been a lead in 24 films including Thomas Kim's "The Ride" which was named by Martin Scorsese as the best short film of that year. He played a pivotal supporting role as the villainous drug supplier, Saveno in the New York feature "'Broadway's Finest" which won awards in numerous film festivals in the metropolitan area. Chris is a lead and an antagonist in Independent Spirit Nominee Tim McCann's "Zero in the System."Chris has worked off-Broadway in lead rol

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