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Before winning Best Supporting Actor in 2019 at The International Film Festival ceremony held in Madrid, Spain, Cheyenne Buchanan's acting career spawned in the 2nd grade when he took on the role of "Old King Cole" at the head of the school's playhouse in Bartow, Florida. He honed his craft through method acting over the years that followed and eventually took to writing short stories at a very young age... winning his first writing contest in middle school for a 10 page tale entitled "Attack of the killer croutons from a planet somewhere near Mars!" While it was full of grammatical errors and misspelled words, it was the oddest, funniest, and most original story written that year.Later in life, he plunged himself into the world of writing and acting... penning multiple feature films that have either been made, optioned, slated, put in the proverbial pipe, or in active pre-production by producers working with companies such as Original Films, WonderFilm Media, JLE Cinema Group, Silver Shadow Pictures, Action Films LA, and Red Gears Studios. He is also a seasoned, professional script editor, story editor, and a budding novelist on the verge of launching LunchBox-Films.His skills as a former professional fighter and decades of teaching martial arts have also inspired him to be a capable and dedicated feature film fight choreographer on projects he's involved in.

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