Charles Heung


Charles Heung Wah-Keung is one of Hong Kong's most successful presenters/producers, and probably one of the most controversial due to his family's triad background.Heung started off as an actor making films (mostly Kung Fu action flicks) in Taiwan during the 1970s, before becoming a producer. During the 1970s, he married Betty Ting Pei, the woman best known for finding Bruce Lee's body in her apartment. The marriage, however, did not last, and Heung later married Tiffany Chen, a Taiwan native.While the triad's influence in Hong Kong cinema became notorious, Charles tried to keep himself away from his family's triad image by creating a company of safe refuge. In 1984, he and his younger brother, Jimmy Heung, formed Win's Entertainment Ltd., which, beside the Golden Harvest Company, became one of the most successful film studios in Hong Kong. Charles was quoted for saying that, "Every film is a battle" when asked why he named the production company Win's.Virtually every major star in Hon

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