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Doğum Adı: Glencerro Solomon Wade II Tarihi: 23/05/1985 Yeri: Gainesville, Florida, ABD

Takma İsimler: G, Papa, The II

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Cerro De la Wade is an American Actor, Wellness Expert, and Author. As an Actor he has been apart of films released in Sweden, New Mexico, U.S. and in the U.K. De la Wade is the Founder of Do It For The Health. A company that takes a straight-forward holistic approach to Health, and Wellness. Off a dirt road, and formed out of the "Muck". Cerro De la Wade brings a level of aggression & intensity to each of his characters. Known for his ripped frame, and extensive tattoos . De la Wade has made a name for himself in the Industry. Primarily cast as the Villain, due to his cold eyes, muscular physique, and imposing presence. His characteristics are on full display- As Killer Joe Sanders in Fatal Attraction and as Drug Baron Charles "Heavy" Stokes in Evidence of Innocence. De la Wade showed the world a different side when he appeared on "Bert the Conqueror" with Talented stand up Comedian/ Host Bert Kreischer. Who referred to Cerro De la Wade as 'The Manliest Man in the World' after riding Rip-Ride-Rockit with him at Universal Studios in Orlando.De la Wade has been on National TV several times for Commercials (FL Lottery, Hershey's,) and Television ( Investigation Discovery, Travel Channel, TV One) and many more. After deciding to pursue acting with nothing but talent, determination and his quote "If you got IT, it don't matter." De la Wade appeared in several independent films and showed his acting skills in a variety of roles. He booked his first major role as Drug Lord Neil Rene on the show FBI: Criminal Pursuit "Taken by Force." The show aired on May 13,2013 on Investigation Discovery (ID).De la Wade lived in Dixie and Leon County as a child, but grew up in Belle Glade, FL commonly referred to as "Muck City." A rebellious teen living in a violent community, he often found himself in physical altercations with peers and sometimes even his Coaches. He was a multi-sport athlete and excelled in football, basketball,wrestling, and golf. De la Wade was elected to the 1st Team All Area in the Palm Beach Post, Sun Sentinel & received All-State honors for his hard-hitting and aggressive style of play at Free Safety. Later that year he received the Enforcer Award, and accepted a football scholarship to a University in Illinois.De la Wade became a Bodyguard and began working with several high profile clients. While working on field security for NBC, he also worked closely with Hall of Fame Coach- Bobby Bowden & Sportscaster Erin Andrews. In search of more opportunity. De la Wade finally took heed to his Mother's advice, who said " You need to take that aggression and get paid for it. Come on out." His Mother 'Y', who was a Sergeant for the State of Florida for over twenty years and retired. De la Wade began his career in Law Enforcement at age 22 in Palm Beach County. With his street smarts, attention to detail, ability to read body language and muscular stature. He excelled quickly and was promoted to K9 officer at age 24 working for the Inspector General's office. He is also trained the K9's for the region.He relocated to Alachua County in 2009 to be closer to his Mother, who was recovering from a brain aneurysm. In Alachua County he worked for the sheriff's office and was a part of the special forces team and a PT leader during his time there. As part of the Special Forces Team; He was involved in intense physicality. He is trained in MMA, knife defense, and Lethal Weapons.. He took classes on his off days for nine months and began executing warrants.While he had a passion for Criminal Justice; He also had a passion for being a Sailor. De la Wade finished his degree in Criminal Justice. He left Law Enforcement in December 2012 to go out to sea as Merchant Marine, and pursue Acting. As a Merchant Marine, De la Wade has sailed up the fourth largest river in the world- The Mississippi River. Throughout his time on the water he traveled all around the Gulf of Mexico and out into the Atlantic Ocean.Outside of the ArtsAs an Investor,Cerro De la Wade has invested in many startup companies such as Pigeonly, The Cut and many more. He has also invested in bigger companies such as Sirius XM. Pigeonly is a company geared toward the Inmate population. The core of the business is an inmate API called Haystac(TM) which searches and organizes thousands of Federal, State, and County records per day; extracting the information needed to identify and determine the location of 1MM + inmates across 17K prison facilities in real time. De la Wade stated " I have been in Prison, and Jail. I have saw firsthand the need for a company like this." Almost 10% of the American population (or 27 million people) have at least one friend or family member that is serving time in a US prison or jail. This group collectively spends over $4 billion per year financially supporting their inmate. Not only is the cost too expensive for most Americans to afford, it is also over complicated and inconvenient to maintain regular communication with their incarce

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