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Carlos Aviles is from Hampton Roads Virginia, He resides in Atlanta Georgia and is a United States Army Veteran. Acting was always something that he would have liked to do but never knew how to even begin to attempt to do so. Working at night clubs in Atlanta as a security guard two women approached him about the venue he was working at later stating that they were in town filming a movie and thought that he would be a great fit for it. Getting a cell phone picture of him and his contact info to share with the director, 3 months later he received an email from Paramount Pictures, and the beginning of his acting career started becoming a featured extra on Flight directed by Robert Zemeckis starring Denzel Washington. At that moment he immediately fell in love with the craft and started studying at Professional Actors Studio in Atlanta. Later signing with Houghton Talent and booking jobs in movies such as Ant Man, Triple 9 and numerous other films. Carlos would like to continue his craft and become better and better each day. Hopefully one day being known as one of the great actors!

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