Carl McDowell

Carl D. McDowell was born on the gang-ridden streets of the south side of Chicago. Although, he had his share of problems with gangs and brushes with the law as a teenager, sports ultimately lead him in the opposite direction. Carl excelled in football, baseball, and wrestling at Harper High School, and it just so happen that football bought him his ticket out of Chicago.Football took Carl away from home and to Illinois Valley College. Like any athlete, he got his perks of easy schedules, and limited classroom visits. His Theater Practicum Professor, (Giacamo Leone) told him that because of his excessive absence, the only way he would pass the class is by taking the role of "Crooks" in the production "Of Mice and Men", Carl wanted no part of the theater, and pleaded with his coach to talk to the professor. Being a freshman "rookie" the coach thought it would be funny to make him do the production and make the whole football team go to the performance.Carl took part in the production an

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