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Detroit 1970-80: Music Business. LA 1980-20??: Study law @ Southwestern U School of Law, study acting with Stella Adler & her friend William Chow of the Peking Opera. 19 stage plays including a one man show, 36 student films, 200 showcases in 400 days. Did not get famous. Left bar/restaurant managing to assist at tiny technical artists agency. Bought half of company in four months & other half in three more years. Built huge Montana Artists Agency 1989-2004. Sold it. Hit (and may pass in 2018) the halfway mark of the goal of performing fifty characters named "Berg." with at least one on every continent, one in sub-orbital or in the troposphere, one underwater and one animated Berg character. Love acting, entertainment business and all kinds of entrepreneurial ventures, particularly if social good involved. Single, straight, no kids (?), and still open to having something to look forward to and someone to share it with.

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