Canco Rodríguez


He started the career of journalism in Malaga, which combined with Dramatic Art. In Malaga he worked for three years in a mime clown company doing street theater shows. In the third year of career he leaves everything and goes to Madrid to continue his studies at the renowned School of Cristina Rota. A lover of the studio, at the moment, it does not stop forming, besides in the interpretation, in other disciplines like the music, the direction or the dramaturgy. Canco has worked in television, theater and film. He joined Aida from its inception and, season by season, was gaining prominence until becoming one of the most popular characters in the series. Canco has also appeared in other television productions, such as Agitation + VAT, Manolo and Benito Corporeision, Los Serrano, Ala ... Dina! And Central Hospital. In the movies he has starred in The Party and I am taking off and in the two installments of Fuga de Cerebros, among other films. On the stage we have been able to see him in

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