Calico Cooper


Calico Cooper, daughter of shock rock legend Alice Cooper, got her start in the entertainment industry when she was hired by her father at age 18 to choreograph and bring to life his nightmarish characters on stage for his Brutal Planet world tour. Eleven world tours and eight full stage shows to her credit later, she had carved a niche and a massive fan base for herself in the horror industry having become infamous for playing alongside Alice as "Nurse Rosetta" and "Cold Ethyl". Voted one of MAXIM'S "20 hottest rock star daughters", she moved to Los Angeles at 20 and began gaining notoriety filming Indy horror movies and short films. Excelling in comedy, she scored a role for herself as the ball-busting sexually manipulative boss Lila Black in the multi award winning comedy series "Bloomers". Cooper Continued her success with a dark film about a bipolar college student entitled "Thirty Proof Coil". The reviewers raved... " Cooper is on screen for nearly every second of the film's 120

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