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Doğum Adı: Bryan Ramirez Tarihi: 24/01/1981 Yeri: San Antonio, Teksas, ABD

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Bryan Ramirez is an award winning filmmaker from San Antonio, Texas. Upon graduating honors with a degree in Motion Picture Production from Full Sail Film School in Orlando, Florida, he relocated to Austin, Texas where he edited the Documentary "Los Lonely Boy's: Cotton Fields and Crossroads", while moonlighting at many other post houses.In 2005, Bryan moved back to San Antonio to pursue a career in producing and directing promotional pieces for an ABC affiliate. This lead him to produce a former reality TV personality, in an Infomercial that would lead them to establishing a multi-hundred-million-dollar Inc. 500 enterprise.In 2010, Bryan wrote, produced, and directed his first feature film "Line of Duty aka Mission Park" (Lionsgate) lasting 4 weeks in AMC Theaters across the U.S., acquiring national distribution through Lionsgate.Successfully executing "Line of Duty" (Lionsgate) as his first feature film, he partnered to direct "Sanitarium" (Image) as his second. Bryan followed suit by Executive Producing "Entertainment" (Magnolia Pictures) which premiered at Sundance Film Festival 2015, continuing on to a nation wide theatrical roll out, making his mark as one of this generation of notable filmmakers.

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