Brian Oerly

Brian Oerly grew up in a small town in San Bernardino, California. Accomplishing a childhood dream, he followed in the footsteps of many in his family and became a firefighter. While he thought he had found his dream job, life had other plans. Fate brought him to Japan for two years, where he made his first appearances in the film and television world as a professional stuntman. While there, he learned the Japanese language and culture, and made life-long friends. After moving back to the States, he graduated to small stunt/acting roles, which transitioned into larger acting guest appearances, and now into large supporting parts and lead roles. He is still a proud member of the stunt community to this day. Brian has worked with some of the top-rated A-list actors and stunt professionals this industry has to offer, usually playing the bad guy, and often making the hero look like a bad ass as they beat him senseless. Some of his credits include: Heart Baby (2017) as Taylor, Get Hard (201

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