Brian Mahoney

Brian made the decision to become an actor before his 10th birthday but took another 20 years to make the journey to Hollywood to begin his formal acting training.Born in Framingham MA, Brian moved with his family to Illinois and Ohio before settling in a beautiful small town in Western Michigan. Unable to afford theater training after high school and in the middle of the Iranian hostage crisis he joined the US Army in hopes of later attending American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC.The Army had different plans for Brian and after 2 yrs of infantry training, accepted him into US Army flight school at Ft Rucker, Alabama. Brian loved the intense academic environment and found he had a natural ability flying helicopters. Upon flight school graduation, Brian was accepted into the attack school where he was trained as a Cobra pilot then sent to a discreet Army base in the rural fields west of Nurnberg, Germany. The only American living in the small town of Oberntief at the time, Brian trea

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