Breda Walsh

Breda Walsh, born in Ireland in 1963, graduated from the Dublin Institute of Technology's Communications Course in 1984. She then worked as Administrator of Film Base (an organisation founded to promote the work of and lobby on behalf of independent film-makers), until 1990. In 1991, Breda participated in EAVE - the MEDIA European Producers' training programme; in 1992, she produced the award-winning RTE/Film Base short film "The Barber Shop" (directed by Liam O'Neill). From 1994, Breda worked as a Production Co-ordinator on numerous feature films and TV series including "Ballykissangel - Series 1", Channel Four's "Trojan Eddie", Liz Gill and Noel Pearson's "Gold in the Streets", Neil Jordan's "The Butcher Boy", Bille August's "Les Miserables", BBC Films' "Vicious Circle" and BBC's 4 part costume drama, "Aristocrats". Following an upgrade to Production Manager in 1999 Breda worked on a 4 part TV series for Littlebird/Tatfilms, "Relative Strangers", starring Brenda Fricker. In 2000 Bred

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