Robert Moresco

Academy Award winning writer, director and producer Bobby Moresco started out as an actor in New York City, where he was raised in the Hell's Kitchen district of Manhattan, three blocks and a world away from Broadway.After studying acting with the widely respected Wynn Handman and Peggy Fuery, founders of The American Place Theatre and Loft Theatre, respectively, Moresco opened The Actor's Gym in New York and then moved the company to Los Angeles in 1978. Still running today, with locations in LA and NY, the "Gym" specializes in developing new work for stage, film and television. The work created there has gone on to Broadway and garnered many awards including Emmys, Oscars and Golden Globes.Throughout the '90s, Moresco focused much of his time on creating, writing and producing for television. Notable projects included Millenium, which earned him a Genesis Award, and EZ Streets, in 1996, which won the "Viewers for Quality Television Award" for best program of the year, as well as bein

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