Bob Crosby Orchestra

The members of Ben Pollack's band had been left stranded in New York City when Pollack quit. After breaking up, the band regrouped without Pollack in New York in 1934 with the saxophonist Gil Rodin, Pollack's former right hand man, as leader. They played for Red Nichols on the "Kellogg College Prom" radio show, and subsequently recorded under the name of their singer Clark Randall.A year later the band ditched Randall to try to make it on their own. When Rodin decided he didn't want to be the front man for the band, they offered Jack Teagarden the job as leader. Contracted to Paul Whiteman, Teagarden declined the offer, and agent Corky O'Keefe suggested three alternatives: singer Johnnie Davis of Fred Waring and His Pennsylvanians, Whiteman trumpeter Harry "Goldie" Goldfield, and Bob Crosby, who was singing with the Dorsey Brothers. Rodin had met and liked Crosby, and he was offered the position. The Bob Crosby Orchestra was incorporated with Rodin, Crosby and the Rockwell-O'Keefe Book

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