Björn Borg


Bjorn Borg is one of the greatest players in tennis history. Perhaps the greatest player of the open era in tennis. He is the 1st of two men to have won Wimbledon 5 straight years in the modern era; the 2nd being Roger Federer. He also won the French Open 6 times for a total of 11 major titles, the second highest of the open era and the third highest of all time next to Pete Sampras, Roger Federer and Roy Emerson who had 14,14 and 12 respectively. Of course Federer is still active and can add more majors to his record. The major difference is that Borg, except for a short comeback in the 1990s retired basically at the age of 25 while Sampras played into his thirties and Emerson played into his forties.Borg is estimated to have won about 100 tournaments in his very short career. He is the only man to have won the double of the French Open on red clay and Wimbledon on grass three years in a row.Borg was a baseline machine with precise passing shots that discouraged many a net rusher. Bor

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