Biray Dalkiran

Biray Dalkiran was born in 1976 in Istanbul. He completed his graduate and undergraduate education at Beykent University Cinema and Television department. Then he received PhD at Marmara University Radio and Television department. In 2003 and 2004 he gave feature, television and commercial lessons in at Istanbul University Communications department and also gave director lessons at BSF Academy. During his student years, he joined to many film festivals (like Golden Orange, San Fransisco, Ziff 2001, Afo, Avsa, Ankara, etc...) and won awards with his short films.He has directed eight feature films so far. First of them was horror movie "Araf" (Abortion). It has earned a considerable box office success in Turkey. American movie company "Path Finder Pictures" bought distribution rights of this movie and sold it to America and world as "The Abortion". That was the first Turkish horror movie distributed in world. "Araf" (Abortion) was also the first horror movie accepted to Antalya Golden Or

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