Bettina Devin

Born and raised in San Francisco, Bettina Devin was fortunate to have parents who believed in the value and necessity of on-going and never-ending training, and put their money where their mouths were.She began studying classical singing (Bel Canto) as a 15 year old, and eventually applied that training to her burgeoning passion for Broadway and Jazz repertoire. Her formative influences came from a diverse group including Dionne Warwick, Julie Andrews, Ella, Sara, and Streisand.Imitating them helped to forge her mixed style of singing, a versatility which turned out to be a curse as well as a blessing. It made it harder to categorize her style in later years in L.A. when record companies were looking for specific marketing hooks for artists, but also, most undoubtedly paved the way for her versatile career.In the 80's in L.A., she worked for a company that produced demos for would-be songwriters from all over the company, that called for vocalists who could sing in any style. She was c

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