Beth Hart

Beth Hart's voice stirs more than the emotions. It is a uniquely powerful vocal presence that paints pictures, parses prose and sculpts statues in every song. While it is difficult to define the essence of great art, you sure know it when you hear it.Beth's remarkable artistry attracted superstar producers David Foster, Hugh Padgham and Mike Clink to collaborate with her on her very first album, 1996's Immortal (Atlantic). Perhaps her gift for turning each song into a deeply personal communication between singer and listener was most evident on "L.A. Song," her worldwide radio smash (a Top 5 AC hit in the U.S.) from her second album, 1999's Sceamin' For My Supper (Atlantic). Beth's charismatic performances of the song on Leno, Letterman and Kilborn touched off strong audience reaction nationwide creating phenomenal spikes in sales and radio requests across the country. The fire in that very special voice seemed to engulf America. Apparently, you know it when you see it, as well.However

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