Ben Hernandez Bray

Ben Bray was born and raised in Los Angeles California, and is the oldest of six children. He grew up in a traditional Latino Catholic family, and is of Irish and Mexican descent. Bray, who began fighting at a very early age, has over 30 year's of amateur and professional boxing experience. He helped start The John Bray Boxing Foundation with his brother, who was on the Olympic Boxing Team with Oscar de la Hoya, the charity helps children off the street and away from drugs and violence. Ben was discovered at the age of 21 while training at a local boxing gym, soon after he decided to pursue a career in stunts and acting, and while training to be an all around Stuntman he was accepted into Lee Strasberg's Actors studio and The Rick Walters Theatre Company. After a series of high profile movies, Bray met 'Three King's director David O. Russell on set and immediately became very close friends. Through David he was introduced to Director Joe Carnahan. Both Directors convinced Bray that he

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