Belinda Montgomery


Belinda Montgomery, who sometimes inserted the middle initial "J." into her stage moniker, is a native of Canada, where she began her career on TV in the 1967 series Barney Boomer (1967). She then proceeded to play "Cinderella" and essayed the roles of other emotional and/or confused teen types as she worked her way up the acting ladder.The petite brunette, whose gentle, misty-eyed prettiness reminded one of actress Bonnie Bedelia, was born on July 23, 1950, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She arrived in Hollywood while still in her late teens and TV, again, became her mainstay playing a number of soulful-eyed victims and troubled soul types in engaging dramatic situations. Her younger brother (by 11 years), Lee Montgomery, not yet a teen, was also making fine strides in films and TV. Billed often as "Lee Harcourt Montgomery", he would become best known for befriending the title rodent in the cult horror thriller Ben (1972). Another sibling, sister Tannis G. Montgomery, showed up on film and TV

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