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Mr. Barry Greco Grew up in the small town of Trumbull Connecticut.True dedication to performing. Played the blues on his tenor sax for over 15 years here in south Florida. Barry gave up the night life for love. Then one day he received an email asking if he would be interested in a gig that did not require him to actually play his Tenor Saxophone. It was opening night New Year's Eve 1959 for the Starz Series called Magic City. At his casting he was told he would have to cut his hair witch measured over two feet in length.Barry gladly accepted, and booked 35 days on the first season. Infatuated by this industry and with persistence, he managed to become a stand-in on Magic City the following year. On the way to his stand-in casting he received a call from Bill Marinella with an update saying it was OK to go but the min height requirement was 6'3". Barry's height is 5'11.5" He quickly adapted and overcame this hurdle by stopping in at Lowes on the way and picking up four small 2x4 blocks and putting them in a pair of work boots, he just so happened to have on board from his recurring role as FDLE Cop on The Glades.Now standing at a height of 6'3.5', he booked the gig. Not only as Jeffery Dean Morgan's FT stand-in, but also for Danny Huston and many others, now he has a height ranging from of 5'11.5" - 6'3.5" after of course redesigning his own custom comfort shoe lifts.Doing full second team rehearsals (1,051hr in 75 days) surely kept Barry on his toes.He was hooked on the teamwork of showbiz. And has not stopped booking since.Barry made an investment in his new commercial career and now owns and operates a Pro Comtek self-operated invisible pocket Ear Prompter kit. This is preferred over the use of a Teleprompter.Barry also has a passion to help out and to better his community. This started in 1992 when he became a part time Pre-K Religious Ed Teacher in Georgia.Presently he serves in the children's ministry at Calvary Chapel as a 4 year old Pre-K religious ed teacher.

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