Barbara Broccoli


She is one of the entertainment industry's most successful female producers. Barbara Broccoli was born to legendary filmmaker Albert R. Broccoli, affectionately known as Cubby, and Dana Broccoli on June 18, 1960. Not long after, Cubby Broccoli and his new partner, Harry Saltzman, secured studio backing for an ambitious series of films inspired by the popular James Bond novels written by Ian Fleming.Ms. Broccoli grew up in the behind-the-scenes world of James Bond, traveling with her family around the world to various exotic locations. As a child, she liked to play with the photocopy machines in the offices of Eon Productions, Ltd., her father's company responsible for the Bond films. During location shooting in Japan for You Only Live Twice (1967), young Barbara caught a fever from the Japanese custom of sleeping on the floor. Sean Connery, whose star status provided him with a comfortable bed, generously relinquished it so Barbara could properly fight her illness.She graduated from Lo

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